Why Do I Need a Maintenance Plan for my WordPress Site?

Automatic Updates

Rock Solid Security

Daily Backups

Support and Tutorials

Regular website maintenance protects against hacking and malware
Protect your investment!

Website Security

Why Do Website Maintenance?

  • Protect Against Security Exploits (Hacking and Malware)
  • Get the Latest Features (Latest Updates = Better Features)
  • Faster Site Performance (Prevent Slowdown Over Time)
  • Better Visitor Experience (Staying Current Improves Your Image)
  • Did we mention – Security, Security, SECURITY?

Why Use WebEndev To Maintain My Site?

  • WordPress and Plugins Updates Can Cause Unexpected Issues
  • Consistent and Scheduled Maintenance – We Always Get It Done
  • Focus On Your Business – Let A Professional Focus On Your Site
  • We Have The Tools – We Monitor Your Site, So You Don’t Have To
  • Your Business Is Our Business – We Want You To Succeed

WordPress Maintenance Plan



  • Security scanning via Sucuri
  • Update of WordPress core files
  • Update of theme files
  • Update of plugin files
  • Redundant off-site full and database backups
  • Database optimization
  • Brute force attack safeguard
  • WordPress video tutorials

Order Now

What You GetWhat It MeansBenefit To You
Security MonitoringYour site will be scanned every 6 hours by the awesome Sucuri for malware (cleanup included).You stop worrying about your site being brought down or corrupted by malware. Your site is protected.
WordPress Core UpdatesWordPress core files will be updated as new versions are released.Outdated versions can be vulnerable to security exploitation. New version releases contain security patches. You are covered.
Plugin UpdatesWe keep your plugins up to date (weekly). Only plugins in the WordPress repository that are supported by auto-updates within WordPress admin UI are included in service. Updated plugins prevent security issues, patch functional problems, and give you new features as the plugin developer releases them.
Daily Database BackupWe do an off-site backup of your WordPress database (your content). 5 days are retained.If you mistakenly delete something no problem! We can restore it for you in a snap.
Monthly Full Site BackupWe do an off-site backup of your complete site (all files).Your site can be safely restored in the unlikely event that something happens.
Database OptimizationWe optimize your database tables daily. This removes overhead (fragmentation) caused by normal activity in WordPress.You site will be faster, which means a better impression by your viewers, and a better search engine ranking.
Brute Force Attack ProtectionAn automated attempt to log into your site and cause damage or steal data is a huge problem. We install a plugin that limits the number of login attempts to your site. If the number is exceeded, the attacker is blocked.You can sleep easy knowing that your site has an additional level of security and protection.
WordPress Video TutorialsProfessionaly-produced WordPress Video tutorials from the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard.Don't spend time reading books, or searching the internet. Learn WordPress at your own pace.
Email SupportIf you have an issue or question, fill out a support request. We will help.Open communication avoids miscommunication and keeps you stress free.

More About Our Maintenance Plan


Unfortunately, websites are hacked and attacked by malware everyday.

A key item in preventing attack is to keep your version of WordPress up to date. Updates are released to fix bugs, introduce new features, or, most importantly, to patch security holes. With our maintenance plan, your WordPress core files will be updated each time WordPress releases a new version. Updating WordPress can be complex because your site interacts with any plugins you have installed. We have the experience to deal with any problems, so you don’t have to!

Another level of protection we provide you is 24/7 monitoring and cleanup provided by Sucuri (without a doubt, the best web monitoring and malware clean up service available). With Sucuri, your site is monitored and in the event your site is infected, it will be cleaned up and working again – all behind the scenes. In addition, Sucuri protects against blacklisted entities (there are a number of blacklisting authorities that monitor for malware, SPAM, and phishing attempts).


We provide redundant off-site backups of both your database, and your complete site. You will never have to worry about losing your data. We can restore it in a jiff, and get you back up and running.


We update everything – WordPress core files, theme files, and plugin files. Updating of plugin files is extremely important because as WordPress core files are updated, plugins may stop working. Plugin developers create new releases frequently, to stay current with WordPress, add new features, and fill security holes. New plugin releases happen quite frequently (sometimes weekly). We keep you current and safe with our scheduled update process.

Why not update my own plugins?

The main reason – the unexpected. Plugin updates can sometimes unintentionally conflict with other plugins, or even WordPress itself. This may cause a malfunction on your site, or perhaps even shut it down. We do plugin testing to ensure that your site is not adversely affected by an update. We are trained to deal with plugin update problems, and we will work through them to keep your site running.

Another reason – time. Plugins are updated very frequently for bugfixes, security patches, new features, and to remain compliant with a new release of WordPress. It takes time to keep up with the flow of plugin updates on your site. We have the tools and the system to handle the updates, so you don’t have to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any host?

We prefer Linux hosting, but it is not mandatory. Windows hosting may limit the services that we can provide.

Does WebEndev provide hosting?

Yes! We provide WordPress optimized hosting. Read more about our hosting, and let us take care of it for you.

How can I find my hosting control panel login?

This varies from host to host. Sometimes it is also your FTP/SFTP login. Many shared web hosts run cPanel and you can access your login page from www.yourdomain.com/cpanel.

It’s also typically included in your welcome email when you first signed up for hosting. If you’re unsure, go to your hosting provider’s home page.

What do I need to provide in order to use your maintenance service?

Basically all we need is WordPress Admin, FTP, and SSH access.

If you are unsure of how to provide us with those details, sign-up, and we will work with you to get your information.

We carefully protect all of your personal information, login credentials, and any other information we collect from you. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further reading.

What happens if my site is compromised or flagged as malware?

If your site is flagged as malware by search engines, it is something that is not irreversable.

If this occurs, we will forward your site to our security partner Sucuri. Their team of experts will then clean and restore your site and you can move forward.

Once resolved, we will notify you to re-submit to Google and/or other search engines for review, removing the malware notice(s).

What happens if my site breaks when you update WordPress, my plugins, or my themes?

If your we can fix you site immediately, we will. We will then send a notification email to your account contact address, notifying you of the situation.

If the fix cannot be done immediately, we will roll the site back to the most recent backup (created before the update), or we will roll the offending plugin back a version.

We will spend up to one (1) hour fixing and troubleshooting the issue. If we cannot fix it within that time, we will give you a cost estimate and notify you for approval to move forward.

In the case of plugins not being compatible of having a bug, we will notify you of the problem, roll the plugin back a level, and notify the plugin developer so that they can patch/fix the current release.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. Partial refunds will not be issued. We value our customers and if you are having any issues, please contact us to allow us to find a solution.