WordPress Optimized Hosting

Outstanding WordPress Hosting

WordPress Optimized
per month
Optimized for WordPress
APC Opcode Cache (speed)
Nginx Front End Reverse Proxy (speed/security)
RAID10 SSD Storage2.5 GB
Premium Bandwidth260 GB
Malware Monitoring & Cleanup (Sucuri)INCLUDED
Content Delivery Network (CDN) 1Recommended
WordPress Installs (Domains)1
Sub DomainsUnlimited
Email Accounts20
FTP AccessUnlimited
cPanel Control Panel
Dedicated IP (each)$1.00 per month
Site Migration 2FREE
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1 We strongly recommend that a CDN be implemented. See questions section below.
2 We will migrate your site from any host that uses cPanel control panel for free. We will migrate your site from a non cPanel host for $300. We do not migrate any WordPress Multisite accounts.

Have doubts? Have questions? Here are the answers!

What’s so special about this hosting?

It’s special because we’ve spent the time. We wanted fast hosting for own our sites, and we’ve done our homework. We have tuned, twisted, polished, prodded, and tweaked our servers to improve speed.

In particular, we have optimized our hosting for WordPress sites. We’ve optimized our Apache configuration, and we integrate a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for each hosted site.

In addition, we have put together WordPress optimized hosting on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for stability and consistency. This is NOT shared hosting. Our servers are not overloaded with hundreds of sites. A resource hogging site will not affect yours. You will not be embarrassed by a slow website. Portray the right image to your viewers.

CDN Recommended?

We strongly recommed that all of our clients sites use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Why?

Speed (of course). And also it reduces load on our servers, and therefore helps us keep your site lightning fast. For more information about how a CDN works, visit here.

But how do I install a CDN?

We can install it for you. Check our our Performance Optimization Service.

Which CDN is better?

We have tested extensively and done a comparison between Cloudfront and MaxCDN. If your viewers are in North America, MaxCDN will average 10-15% faster than CloudFront. However, CloudFront has better coverage worldwide, with more edge locations. So if your viewers are outside of the US, CloudFront may be a better choice. As for pricing, CloudFront is usage based provider – you only pay for the bandwidth you use. A fairly active site can expect monthly charges in the range of $1-2 a month. MaxCDN charges a fixed rate per year, for a fixed amount of bandwidth. Note: The webendev.com site is powered by MaxCDN.

Why is the price so low?

Very simple – it’s a fair price. We wanted to provide our web development clients with a fast, secure, and reliable hosting solution. Our objective was making it convenient, and hands-off worry free.

Why include Sucuri?

This one is easy – security and safety. Better security equals happier clients. Also we sleep better knowing that we have done everything possible to secure your (and our) sites. The normal rate for a single site at Sucuri is $89.99 per year ($7.42 per month). On our plan, you get WordPress optimized hosting AND Sucuri protection for one low rate!

What happens if my site is hacked?

In the unlikely even that it happens, we turn it over to the experts at Sucuri. They then do their thing and clean it up. Your site will be back in working order in the shortest possible time. You do nothing. We manage the situation directly with Sucuri.

Where are your servers?

Our servers are located in Dallas Texas and are contracted through KnownHost, a premier hosting services provider.

What about backups of my site?

You are responsible for backing up your site. We do perform backups on the whole server of course, and could restore your site if you have no other option ($20 charge).

What if I need more storage or bandwidth?

Our allowances for storage and bandwidth will accommodate most sites (except those with high traffic). If you do need more storage or bandwidth, you can upgrade at the rates below.

  • Storage Upgrades: $3.00 per GB
  • Bandwidth Upgrades: $0.20 per GB

What if I have a question?

You simply fill out a support request, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We’re pretty lonely though … there just aren’t any problems… 🙂

Disallowed Plugins

There are certain plugins that we do not allow because they thrash our servers CPU or create unnatural number of MySQL queries. Not allowing these plugins helps provide a stable and reliable hosting environment for your websites.