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Genesis by StudioPress
The Foundation Of Any Smart WordPress Design

Why Use Genesis?


Search Engine Optimization

Genesis been fully search optimized by Greg Boser, partner and SVP of search marketing powerhouse BlueGlass Interactive. Genesis will help your site rank higher in the search engines.


HTML5 and Microdata

Genesis version 2 uses HTML5, which includes a new semantic markup syntax called microdata. What do HTML5 and microdata give you? They give you search engine results with rich data, such as images and reviews, which get more clicks. Google and other search engines give preference in rankings for results that use microdata. It gives you an advantage!



StudioPress brought security expert and core WordPress developer Mark Jaquith in to make sure the Genesis Framework had the best security possible. With Mark’s help, StudioPress built their framework to follow all WordPress security best practices.



Building your site on Genesis takes less development time. Less time means lower cost to you. Additionally, you can leverage the powerful features of Genesis to help you maintain and change your site going forward.



Clean, efficient, state of the art code that makes your site fly. Page load times on Genesis are faster, which means your site will rank higher with Google (page load time is part of their ranking algorithm).


Unlimited Updates

If your site is done by WebEndev, you get unlimited Genesis updates. This means your site will stay current as Genesis improvements are rolled out, and your site will work with the latest version of WordPress.

What is a “Framework”?

StudioPress says it best:

“A framework (ours is called Genesis) is a powerful type of WordPress theme — the frame and body of the car — that acts as a design, security, and SEO foundation for your website. It also “future-proofs” your site customizations, so there’s no hassle when it comes time to upgrade your software with one click.”

Think of Genesis as the car frame, and WordPress as the engine.

We recommend Genesis themes to all our clients and can confidently recommended it to you.

It’s just … that … good 🙂 (really)